This is a list of the Google Camera (Gcam) App For Oppo Phones. you can download your GCam app for any Oppo smartphone, by clicking on “Download Google Camera” in front of the phone name that you have in the table below.

Gcam for Oppo devices


February 3, 2023

Google Camera For Oppo Devices

Here’re some best working Google Camera / GCam For Oppo Phones. Click on Download Button next to your phone’s name to get the GCam APK.

GCam For Oppo A Series

Oppo A SeriesDownload Link
Oppo A1kMGC_6.2.030_MI9SE_V4_plus.apk
Oppo A1 Pro
Oppo A5sGCam_7.3.018_Urnyx05-v2.1_Wichaya_V2.7.3.apk
Oppo A5 2020Download Gcam (Same A9 2020)
Oppo A9 2020Download Gcam
Oppo A12Download
Oppo A12sDownload
Oppo A15NGCam_7.4 1.9 PABENG .apk
Oppo A16NGCam_7.4.104-v2.0.apk
Oppo A17GCam APK
Oppo A17kGCam APK
Oppo A31NGCam_7.4 1.9 PABENG .apk
Oppo A33Download
Oppo A35Download
Oppo A36GCam APK
Oppo A37GCam APK
Oppo A52Download
Oppo A53Download Oppo Mtk Gcam
Oppo A54NGCam_7.4.104-v2.0.apk
Oppo A55Download
Oppo A55sGCam APK
Oppo A56GCam APK
Oppo A56sGCam APK
Oppo A57GCam APK
Oppo A57eGCam APK
Oppo A57sGCam APK
Oppo A58Download
Oppo A72Download
Oppo A73Download
Oppo A74NGCam_7.4.104-v2.0.apk
Opoo A77GCam APK
Oppo A77sGCam APK
Oppo A78GCam APK
Oppo A92Download Gcam
Oppo A92sDownload
Oppo A94NGCam_7.4.104-v2.0.apk
Oppo A95GCam APK
Oppo A96GCam APK
Oppo A97GCam APK

GCam For Oppo F Series

Oppo F SeriesDownload Link
Oppo F9Download Gcam App
Oppo F9 ProDownload Gcam App
Oppo F11Download
Oppo F11 ProDownload
Oppo F17Download
Oppo F17 Pro Download
Oppo F19Download Gcam App
Oppo F19 ProDownload
Oppo F21 Pro 5G

GCam For Oppo Reno Series

Reno SeriesDownload Link
Reno ZMGC_6.2.030_MI9SE_V4_plus2.apk
Reno AceGCam_5betaFinal.200510.2111build-7.3.020.apk
Reno 2 UltraCVM_v8.apk
Reno 2ZUltraCVM_v8.apk
Reno 2FGcam_6.1.021_Advanced_V1.6-Fu24_5Lens-02c3-A10.apk
Reno3 ProDownload
Reno4 GCam_7.3.018_Urnyx05-v2.1_Wichaya_V2.7.3.apk
Reno4 SeDownload
Reno4 Pro GCam_7.3.018_Urnyx05-v2.1_Wichaya_V2.7.3.apk
Reno5Download Gcam App
Reno5 ProDownload Gcam App
Reno6Download Gcam App
Reno7GCam APK
Reno7 LiteGCam APK
Reno6 ProDownload Gcam App
Reno8GCam APK
Reno 8TGCam APK
Reno8 ZGCam APK
Reno8 ProGCam APK
Reno8 Pro PlusGCam APK
Reno8 LiteGCam APK
Reno9GCam APK
Reno9 ProGCam APK
Reno9 Pro+GCam APK
Reno 10x ZoomGCam_6.210329.0153build-8.1.101

GCam For Oppo Find Series

Find SeriesGCam Download Link
Oppo Find XGCam APK
Oppo Find X2GCam APK
Oppo Find X2 ProGCam_6.1Beta.210615.1542build-8.1.101.apk
Oppo Find X3GCam_7.3.018_Urnyx05-v2.1_Wichaya_V2.7.3.apk
Oppo Find X3 NeoGCam_7.3.018_Urnyx05-v2.1_Wichaya_V2.7.3.apk
Oppo Find X3 Pro GCam_7.3.018_Urnyx05-v2.1_Wichaya_V2.7.3.apk
Oppo Find X5GCam APK
Oppo Find X5 ProGCam APK
Oppo Find X5GCam APK
Oppo Find X6 ProGCam APK

GCam For Oppo K Series

k SeriesGCam Download Link
Oppo K1GCam APK
Oppo K3GCam APK
Oppo K5GCam APK
Oppo K7GCam APK
Oppo K9GCam APK
Oppo K9 ProGCam APK
Oppo K10GCam APK
Oppo K10xGCam APK
Oppo K10 5GGCam APK
Oppo K10 ProGCam APK

If you couldn’t find a Google Camera app for your Oppo phone, Contact us, Or type your Oppo Phone model in the comment section, Then we will add it as soon as possible “if it’s GCam available”.