Download Google Camera For Vivo Phones

This is a List of The Google Camera (Gcam) App For Vivo Phones. you can download your Gcam app for any Vivo smartphone, by clicking on “Download Google Camera” in front of the phone name that you have in the table below.

gcam for vivo devices


15 October 2022

Download GCam For All Vivo Devices

Vivo V SeriesDownload Link
Vivo V3 Download Gcam
Vivo V5 Download Gcam
Vivo V9
Vivo V9 Youth
Download Gcam
Vivo V11 / ProTRcam spring (v7.4)
Vivo V11i Download Gcam
Vivo V12 Download Gcam
Vivo V15 Download Gcam
Vivo V15 Pro TRcam spring (v7.4)
Vivo V17 Download Gcam
Vivo V15 Neo Download Gcam
Vivo V17 Pro Download Gcam
Vivo V19Download Gcam
Vivo V19 Neo Download Gcam
Vivo V20MGC_6.2.030_StableAwbVersion_V16.apk
Vivo V20 SEMGC_6.2.030_StableAwbVersion_V16.apk
Vivo V20 ProMGC_6.2.030_StableAwbVersion_V16.apk
Vivo V21 Download Gcam
Vivo V21e Download Gcam

Vivo S SeriesDownload Link
Vivo S1Download Gcam APK
Vivo S1 ProDownload Gcam
Vivo S10
Vivo S10 Pro
Vivo S20
Vivo S20 Se
Vivo S20 Pro
Vivo U SeriesDownload Link
Vivo U3 TRcam spring (v7.4)
Vivo U10 TRcam spring (v7.4)
Vivo U11
Vivo U12
Vivo U20
Vivo U20 Se

Vivo Y SeriesDownload Link
Vivo Y9TRcam spring (v7.4)
Vivo Y11Download Gcam
Vivo Y12Download Gcam
trCamera REBORN V5 (Libpatcher)2+.apk
Vivo Y12iDownload Gcam
Vivo Y15Download Gcam
trCamera REBORN V5 (Libpatcher)2+.apk
Vivo Y17 Download Gcam
trCamera REBORN V5 (Libpatcher)2+.apk
Vivo Y19 Download Gcam
Vivo Y20MGC_6.2.030_StableAwbVersion_V16.apk
Vivo Y30MGC_6.2.030_StableAwbVersion_V16.apk
Vivo Y30iMGC_6.2.030_StableAwbVersion_V16.apk
Vivo Y50 LiteTRcam spring (v7.4)
Vivo Y53sDownload Gcam
Vivo Y89TRcam spring (v7.4)

Vivo Z Series Download Link
Vivo Z1Download Gcam
Vivo Z1 Lite TRcam spring (v7.4)
Vivo Z1XDownload Gcam
Vivo Z1 ProDownload Gcam
Vivo Z3 Download Gcam
Vivo Z3x TRcam spring (v7.4)
Vivo Z3i Download Gcam
Vivo Z5TRcam spring (v7.4)
Vivo Z5x Download Gcam
Vivo Z5i TRcam spring (v7.4)
Vivo Z5 Pro Download Gcam
Vivo Z6 5GDownload Gcam

Vivo X Series Download Link
Vivo X23 TRcam spring (v7.4)
Vivo X70 ProPXv8.1_GCam-v1.2.apk
Vivo X70 Pro Plus PXv8.1_GCam-v1.2.apk

Vivo Nex ATRcam spring (v7.4)
Vivo Nex XTRcam spring (v7.4)

That’s All For Now, We Will Continue Updating this post when adding new GCam APKs for all Vivo phones.

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