Hi Everyone, Today we will show how to enable camera2 API with Magisk app in your android rooted phone, Since Google Camera with HDR+ was ported already, it requires that camera2api be enabled.
This is done by editing build.prop to add or enable “persist.camera.HAL3.enabled=1”.

Enable Camera2 API with Magisk
Note: This mod only adds camera2api support in the build.prop systemlessly. This does not guarantee modded google camera hdr+ will work on your device.



  1. SmartPhone With Android 5.0 And up.
  2. Magisk v15 App
  3. Snapdragon SoCs



  • Add the zip in Magisk Manager -> Modules
  • Now Flash it and reboot you device.
  • You could also flash it in your custom Recovery, TWRP etc.

Download Camera 2Api Enabler Files:


How to check if it is running:

  • 1. Open terminal and issue command “getprop | grep camera”.

If it’s running, you should be able to find this line :

Check this screenshot for example:
camera2api enabled


2. Install Camera2 Probe from Play store to check your device’s camera capabilities.