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How To Enable Camera2 API with Magisk

Hi Everyone, Today we will show how to enable camera2 API with Magisk app in your android rooted phone, Since Google Camera with HDR+ was ported already, it requires that camera2api to be enabled.
This is done by editing build.prop to add or enable “”.

Enable Camera2 API Magisk
Note: This mod only adds camera2api support in the build.prop systemlessly. This does not guarantee modded google camera hdr+ will work on your device.


  1. SmartPhone With Android 5.0 And up.
  2. Magisk v15 App
  3. Snapdragon SoCs


  • Add the zip in Magisk Manager -> Modules
  • Now Flash it and reboot you device.
  • You could also flash it in your custom Recovery, TWRP etc.

Download Camera 2Api Enabler Files:

How to check if it is running:

  • 1. Open terminal and issue command “getprop | grep camera”.

If it’s running, you should be able to find this line :

Check this screenshot for example:
camera2api enabled
2. Install Camera2 Probe from Play store to check your device’s camera capabilities.

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