Do you want to install the Google Camera App with XML configs file but don’t know how? Here, let me give you a few ways to install Google Camera on your android device! whether Xiaomi, Redmi, Samsung, Realme or any other Android phone that supports install Google Camera.
Besides playing games, photography is also now one of the activities that are often done via Smartphones.

Not only because it is more practical, but this time many mobile phones are equipped with qualified camera specifications so you don’t need to bother bringing a professional camera.

It’s just that, if you still feel unsatisfied with the results of the default camera on the device, there are currently many camera applications available that offer attractive features like professional cameras that have expensive prices.

One of them is the Google Camera app (Gcam) which is currently very popular and widely used by people.

Why Installing Google Camera?

Although initially this application can only be used by mobile phones made by Google like Pixels, now many developers are developing Google Camera APKs to be used in other devices brands.

Google Camera Mod app can work correctly with some devices without ROOT, but some other phones It is necessary to root your phone (if Camera2Api is Disabled) Well, in this article Gcamator will tell you how to install the Google Camera application in in-Rooted phone with “Disabled Camera 2Api”.

Curious to know how? Come on, Read this article below!

How to Install the Google Camera Application Without Config

In a first way, Gcamator will explain how to install the Google Camera application without a config file.

For those of you who don’t understand, the config file here is a configuration file that provides parameters and initial settings for the application so that later all features in the application can be activated and used.

But, if you don’t want to bother using config files, you can also directly install the Google Camera application.

Step 1 – Download the Google Camera application

The first step, you first download the Google Camera APK version 6.2.030 Advanced on the site :

Step 2 – Install the application

  • If the download process has succeeded, then you install the Google Camera APK file earlier.
  • After that, open the Google Camera application.

Step 3 – Give application permissions

  • The first time you open Google Camera, the application will request a number of access permissions. At this stage you select the “Allow” option for all access permissions.

Step 4 – The application has been successfully installed

  • Until this stage, the Google Camera app has been successfully installed on the device and you can use it already.
  • It’s just that, because in this step Gcamator doesn’t use a config file, so not all features in the Google Camera application can be enjoyed.

For example, on the Samsung Galaxy A70 phone that Gcamator is using this time, the portrait feature can’t be used and it always ends in “Force Close”.

  • In addition, several other features such as lens blur, slow motion, and time lapse cannot be used either.

How to Install Google Camera Application Using XML Config

If previously Gcamator had explained how to install Google Camera application without a config file, then this time using a config file.

As Gcamator explained before, this config file is simply a configuration file that can open all the features in Google Camera application to be used.

To install it, you can follow these steps :

Step 1 – Download Gcam Google Camera Apk + config XML file

  • If Google Camera APK file has been downloaded, then download config file from GCam version earlier.
  • Select type of device – phone that you are using, then download Google Camera Config file. If there are two choices, just pick the first one.

Step 2 – Install Gcam App (Google Camera)

  • If Download process has succeeded, then you install Google Camera APK file earlier.
  • After that, open Google Camera application.

Step 3 – Give Gca Permissions

  • Next you give Requested number of access permissions by selecting “Allow” option for all access permissions.

Step 4 – Select settings menu

  • Next step, you enter Google Camera application settings menu by selecting “More” menu then selecting “Settings”.

Step 5 – Select Save Settings menu

  • Then in Settings menu, you select “Save Settings” menu.
  • At this stage, you enter any name.
  • This step serves to create a config folder in GCam folder which will later be used to save xml config file that was downloaded earlier.

Step 6 – Move Gcam config file to the folder

  • Next, at this stage you move config file by opening the file manager application on the Android phone then look for config file that was downloaded earlier.
  • Once found, you select the “Move” option then navigate to the Internal shared storage> GCam> Configs directory, then select “Paste”.
  • After that, you delete the file that was previously created in Google Camera application.

Step 7 – Activate XML Config file

  • The next step, you open Google Camera application again to start activating xml config file that you moved earlier.
  • To activate it, tap twice using two fingers on black part that you circle below.
  • After that, you select the config file and then select the “Restore” button.

Up to this point, the process of installing Google Camera application has been successful and you can enjoy all features of it.

Well, here is an example of comparing photos using default Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Phone Camera application and Google Camera App.

It can be seen that color composition produced by Google Camera application is brighter but still in contrast.

In addition, the resulting details are even better than the stock camera Redmi Note 7.

Final Words

Well, that’s just a few ways to install the Google Camera application on your Android phone with configs XML file (settings).

Even though installing Google Camera without a config file is much easier, but unfortunately not all features you can enjoy.

Also, read articles about Google Camera you can find him in our blog.

If you encounter any problem installing XML Config, Please leave a comment below.