Build Properties alias ” build.prop ” is a file in your phone’s system folder that defines the details of AZ from mobile, model, brand, Android version, etc. You can edit or change any value on the build.prop file with Root access, of course.
How To Edit Build Prop File
With Build Prop editing you can increase internet speed, change mobile specifications, improve system performance, make almost all applications compatible or fool websites to display tablet interfaces.

So here’s 2 ways to edit Build.prop file. These are just a few things you can do if you edit your build.prop.

Edit Build Prop File

Table Of Contents
  • 2 Ways to Edit Build.prop on Android
  • 1. How to edit build.prop with file explorer
  • 2. How to Edit build.prop with the Build Prop Editor

Important Note : build.prop is a very important file on Android and modifying it is risky. Any unwanted changes and your device may not be able to bypass the boot animation. Caraqu is not responsible if something like that happens. You must be responsible for your actions if you decide to continue. You have been warned about the risks.

2 Ways to Edit Build.prop on Android

You can follow this tutorial to change almost everything in the build.prop file. Before we begin, note that we need an rooted Android device to edit this file.

1. How to edit build.prop with file explorer

To edit the build.prop file, all you need is a text editor and a file browser that can access the root directory. Most of these file browsers have a built-in text editor so if you don’t have a favorite editor installed, you don’t need to worry about installing it just to edit the build.prop file. Root Explorer , File Explorer Root Browser , and Solid Explorer are some popular file applications that are able to do almost anything that can be done by the file browser. If you have another favorite file browser, let us know about it in the comments.

 Edit Build Prop Apps

ES File Explorer Pro is what I use, and that’s what you will find I’ve used in many other tutorials. When you have a file browser that is rooted, navigate to / system / folder and scroll down to find the build.prop file. Tap on it and select ES Note Editor or other editors installed on the device you want to use.

Make sure the system is installed as Read / Write .

  • In ES File Explorer, swipe from the left edge of the screen to pull the side menu drawer.
  • Scroll down to find Root Explorer under Tools. Turn it on if you haven’t already and give the necessary permissions.
  • Tap the Root Explorer menu item to open its settings.
  • Select Mount R / W
  • Next to the system, select the radio button on the right in the pop-up that appears.

Before we change the build.prop file, copy the original file to a different folder and rename it to build.prop.bak and then move this file back to / system / folder. This way, you don’t need to worry if there is a problem and your device refuses to boot. You can delete the modified build.prop from TWRP recovery and delete the .bak from the build.prop backup name. Your device will reboot properly.

2. How to Edit build.prop with the Build Prop Editor

Edit Build Prop

You can also install BuildProp Editor app which is an application dedicated to editing the build.prop file. BuildProp Editor makes work easier. However, this is an application created for the purpose of editing the build.prop file. To edit a single line of code or entry, you just have to tap it and edit the entry and its value.

 Edit Build Prop File

  • This application allows you to back up your original build.prop too before modifying it.
  • You can also edit the entire build.prop file at once like in any other normal text editor.
  • This allows you to increase and decrease the font size for more comfortable reading,
  • looking for a line of code,
  • add numbers to the line, change the font style
  • and many other things related to improving your experience.

Overall, if you frequently edit build.prop, it is a must-have application for you. I prefer to use file explorer because I also choose not to mess up my device’s build.prop until it’s really needed.

Also remember, even though most of the lines of code in the build.prop file are quite clear, that doesn’t mean you only need to change it without first knowing what affects the particular code.