If you downloaded a recovery ROM or OTA file from the links above, you’re using the following method to install MIUI 11 on your Xiaomi phone. Make sure that the file you downloaded was in .zip format. In case of an OTA update, ensure that your device currently runs on the MIUI version tagged with the update.

install MIUI ROM recovery

Both the Recovery ROM and OTA can be flashed by the instructions given below.

  • Download the MIUI 10 Recovery (or OTA if on a specific version of MIUI 10) update for your Xiaomi phone from the links above.
  • Backup important data and files (there’s a chance that your data could be erased).
  • Go to Settings > About phone > System Update.
  • If tapping the 3-dot button shows the “Choose update package” option, click on that and choose the downloaded ROM from your internal storage or SD card. In case you don’t find the “Choose update package” option from the 3-dot menu, tap on the MIUI 10 logo inside the “System update” page several times. A prompt will then show that additional updater settings are now available. Now you can tap on Choose update package and select the MIUI 10 update file.

  • That’s it. The system will start decrypting the file and install it automatically for you. Wait for it to finish the process, which may take 10-30 mins